Sam Dare

Sam Dare

Co-founder and Chief Engineer

Sam Dare is a sophomore Mechanical Engineering major at Calvin from St. Louis, Missouri. He leads the mechanical team and helps integrate the entire project. Sam is from FRC team 4256, the Cyborg Cats, and participated heavily in FIRST Robotics.

Fenton Lawler

Fenton Lawler

Co-Founder and Chief Electrical Engineer

Fenton Lawler, sophomore, is the electrical lead and works on administration projects. His past experience includes FRC team Frog Force 503 and e-NABLE the Future (3D printed prosthetics).

Renard Tubergen

Renard Tubergen

Lead Professor, Advisor

Help us get to Utah



Today we finished the Preliminary Design Review, the first milestone in the competition. This included a budget, funding plan, and progress reports for all teams.


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